Monday, 21 January 2013

Planting the Seed

3B is a class of 18 students in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada. We are starting a new unit in Social Studies that covers basic human rights, organizations that help people meet their basic rights, and how we can help. At the start of the year, we covered our rights briefly so today I briefly reviewed them and said we would be talking about them again and that we should think about how we could help-in others I planted the seed. We will be using the Ladybug Foundation (started by Hannah Taylor when she was in Grade 1) educator's resource called makeChange to cover these outcomes. We will learn about her journey in making a change and then start our own. I love incorporating technology into the classroom so we will be doing the following things:
1. Blogging on our own kidblog accounts about why helping out is important.
2. Writing updates on this blog (our steps etc).
3. Creating (and posting) video diaries/audio diaries of our journey.
4. Skyping with people who are already making change.
5. Using linoit (interactive sticky note board) to communicate with other communities on how we can make change in our communities.
6. Watch videos that people who are already making change have created
7.Creating videos of how we can make change and how we helped out.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates.

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