Friday, 1 March 2013

3B's Thoughts on Our Project

Today, we reflected on what we have learned so far in our Make Change project. We did this before Skyping with Sean Quigley about making change. Here are our reflections:

The Homeless Shelter by Sammy:
"1.Some times I feel so bad for them because they have no food.
2.And how did they end up like this.
3.Some of them even have to live on the street.
4.And why can’t the homeless kids be in the homeless shelter?
5.It is so sad, right?"

The Homeless by Ben:
Imagine that you had nothing and you where in a city.People were all around you looking and staring at you. What would you feel like?.I know what I would  feel like. (sad,leftout,not happy). I wish everybody had clean water.

The Homeless Shelter by Clark:
The homeless shelter turns away families to the Crisis Centre because only adults can stay at the shelter. 3B and 7y are going to make a change we are going to have a movie night, and fundraisers.If you imagined you were a homeless person it would be bad.I like Sean Quigley’s song called our generation.we are going to skype with Sean Quigley today at 2:30 it will be fun!!!

Make a Change Project by Courtney:
3B and 7Y are helping the homeless shelter by doing bake sales,food/clothing drive,move night,and by the way we just need adult clothes because they have no kids at the shelter.And we found out that Hannah Taylir has a Ladybug Foundation to raise money.3B and 7y made a newsletter about making a change . Imagine that you lived on the street how do you think it would be?If you think that you would have a not so good life that is true.

The Homeless Shelter by Deegan:
What if you where a homeless person.We are making a change project.What if you lived on the streets.What if you wake up in the moring and you did not have any food.We are going to have a bake sale.We are going to have a clothing drive.

Homelessness by Des:
Think if you were home less no food no shelter its sad.
March 1 we are Skyping whith Sean Quigley about homelessness.
The ladybug fundraiser is a good way  to raise money for the home less shelter.
“Our Generation is a goood song to lisen to .
To under stand “Our Generation u must find the true meaning of the song.

Why and What Were Doing With Our Make Change Project by Sadie:
This is why were doing our make change project, imagine you living on the streets, no education, no food & no water. We’re helping the homeless shelter because they have no shelter. This is what were doing with our make change project: We’re having a movie night, a bake sale, a food & clothing drive were giving ALL  that money to the homeless shelter. Also on March 1st we are skyping with Sean Quigley he made the song “Our Generation.” If you wanna hear that song search on google, I bet ya it’ll be there! But 3B isn’t doing this alone 7Y is helping us along our project. When I heard we’re Skyping with Sean Quigley my head blew off! I was to excited.

Make Change Project by Siddh:
We are doing a make change project with the grade 7s. “Our Generation” is a song by Sean Quigley about making change. We are helping the homeless shelter. We are having a clothing and food drive for the shelter. We are hoping to Skype with Sean Quigley about making change. We read the blogs from a grade 4 class in the USA who are doing a project too. If someone doesn’t have a house then we need to help them to be safe. We are going to have a bake sale to raise money and a movie night.

Sean Quigley by Thomas:
I liked Sean Quigley’s song our generation!He is helping people in Winnipeg and Georgia in Europe !We have been watching videos with him in it.We’re going to Skype with him.That is all!!

My Thoughts by Ms. Bettess:
I think 3B did some excellent reflecting. Way to go! Skyping with Sean Quigley was amazing by the way.

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